Why write a blog?

“We read to know we are not alone.”  — C.S. Lewis


There are several reasons I’d like to write a blog:

  • Track my thinking process over time.
    • I think it’s easy to lie to yourself about your past performance, especially around investing and professional matters. Having a written record helps prove or disprove this.
  • Having an audience tightens the logic.
    • When I write for an audience, I have to try to anticipate questions or challenges to the logic I’m using.
  • Get feedback, suggestions and criticism.
    • Sadly, I don’t know everything and hopefully putting ideas out in a public space will solicit feedback to make them better or get rid of them if they are truly bad.

Topics I’m considering

  • Investing & trading
    • I’m very interested in various aspects of investing. I spent 8-9 years making markets in equity derivates and trade a bit still so this is an ongoing area of curiosity.
  • Machine Learning and Automation
    • I currently work as a consultant helping businesses implement machine learning and automation in their businesses. I’m very interested in potentials combinations with investing.
  • Careers
    • I’ve had a pretty circuitous career path between finance and consulting with occasional consideration of doing medicine. I really enjoy learning about what people do for a living and how they found their niche.

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