Fun stuff from ‘Open’ by Andre Agassi

A couple fun things I got from reading Andre Agassi’s bio, ‘Open’.  Many of them are about his father.

  • His dad would keep salt and pepper in his pockets so he could throw it in people’s eyes if he got into a fight.
  • Andre once got a best sportsmanship trophy but didn’t win the tournament. His father smashed the trophy in the parking lot to prove winning is more important than sportsmanship
  • His father told him doing is more important than thinking and felt school was overrated
  • Andre and Stephi Graf’s fathers got into a fight the first time they met and almost came to blows.
  • Agassi had many ups and downs over the course of his career. The  frank discussions of the downs was one of the best parts of the book.
  • Agassi discusses a lot about his team (trainer, coach, confidants, significant other, etc.)– how they were assembled, how the relationships evolved etc. This is something I had not thought about as with tennis you usually just see the player.

Overall, I’d highly recommend the book.  It’s well written and interesting and gives a good picture of the difficulties associated with being a top flight pro athlete.

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